Not Convinced About A Metal Roof? This May Help You…

August 5, 2019

Brown Standing Seam Metal Roofing

The benefits of metal roofs have long been known, but some homeowners remain unconvinced and prefer to stick to more conventional forms of roofing. If you’re considering replacing or upgrading your roof, have a look at this list of the benefits that a metal roof can bring to your home, before you make any decisions:

Life expectancy:

When a metal roof is properly installed by qualified and experienced professionals, it can last the lifetime of the house it sits on top of, or at the very least, last for up to 50 years. It will prevent water from leaking in, be strong enough to survive even the strongest of winds and shed snow quickly and easily. A metal roof is also fire, mildew, rot and insect resistant. While metal roof warranties do vary, most companies will happily and confidently back their own products for between 20 and 50 years, with paint finishes extending the warranty to around 30 years.


In comparison to concrete tiles, metal roofing is incredibly lightweight and can be anything from as little as 50 to 150 pounds per square. This means that engineering costs can be greatly minimized, and if you’re putting a metal roof onto a new property that you’re currently building, then you may even be able to reduce the number of roof support members. In some cases, a lightweight metal roof can simply be placed on top of an existing roof with no need for tear-off or additional structural support.

Simple to install:

With metal roofing materials being sold in multiple-shingle sections, they can be speedily installed by a professional contractor. This naturally means reduced labour costs, and if you’re looking to replace or fortify your existing roof in the event of an oncoming storm, then this can usually be done within 24-48 hours.

Resistant to fire:

Most metal roofs come with a Class A fire rating (the highest rating) due to their non- combustible nature, but this rating may be lowered if the metal roof is laid over a combustible material such as wood shingles, which typically comes with a Class C rating. For more detailed advice and guidance about fire rated roofs, talk to your local roofing company.

Heat conduction:

You could save money on your energy bills with a metal roof; since metal reflects radiant heat from the sun, you may not need to use air conditioning during the summer months, or at least not during the day, anyway.

Gently pitched roofs:

A gently pitched roof with metal material should be entirely leakproof; the minimum pitch of a roof is usually 3 in 12.

Rain and snow are no problem:

The way in which the panels on a metal roof interlock, and due to the hard and slippery surface, rain and snow are no problem for a properly installed metal roof, and the dark colour of the metal works well to melt the snow once it has heated up.

If this hasn’t convinced you that a metal roof might be worth installing on your home, then you may need to discuss it further with your local, trusted roofing contractors.

Ask An Expert: Todd Miller

Todd Miller, roofing expertTodd Miller is President of Isaiah Industries, an organization that is recognized as one of the world’s leading metal roofing manufacturers, and manufacturer of Classic Metal Roofing Systems.

Todd has over 30 years of experience in residential metal roofing and is internationally recognized as a roofing and ventilation expert. Passionate about using his experience to help homeowners make the best roofing decision for them, he can help you navigate the issues encountered in roofing or reroofing your home or commercial property.

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