Does Your Roof Need A Makeover Or A Repair Job?

February 15, 2020

Roof Repair

If your roof is beginning to look tired and worn, it might be tricky to know whether you need to replace it entirely and give your property a roof makeover, or whether a repair job is all that’s called for.

Here are a few ways to help you make the decision between having some small repairs professionally carried out, and giving your roof a complete makeover:

What is the financial difference between a roof repair and a roof makeover?

On average, US homeowners spend from between $300 up to $1,100 for a roof repair, and if spending anything upwards of that amount and going towards $3,000, then the work carried out would be classed as a makeover. However, in this case it might be wiser to simple replace the entire roof.

Can the leak in your roof be repaired?

Leaks are a common occurrence in roofs and a problem that many roofing professionals are asked to fix. Repairing a leak usually involves replacing and sealing the shingles, and while this is a simple problem to fix, it can get complicated and expensive; on average, for a leak to be professionally repaired, the homeowner would be charged around $150, but it will depend upon the extent of the damage. In some cases, due to an improper initial roof installation, it can lead to loose seams needing to be fixed or fasteners being repaired.

Can damage caused by ice damming be repaired?

Along with leaks, ice damming is another common problem that many roofs suffer from. When a large amount of snow on a roof starts to melt, in most cases it begins to freeze before it can reach the ground, causing large icicles to form. Now icicles may be pretty, but these large, frozen spikes can put a lot of extra strain on the structure of a roof and can mean that you need to get your entire roof replaced. As with most roofing issues, the choice between a repair job, a makeover or a replacement, will depend upon the extent of the damage. A thorough assessment from a professional will quickly give you the answer you’re looking for.

Valleys and sagging roofs:

Damage to valleys is almost always a straightforward repair job, whereas if left over a long period, a sagging roof can lead to the need for a replacement roof or extensive makeover.

In most cases, unless you work within the roofing industry yourself, a simple assessment from a professional roofer will tell you what is needed to make your roof safe and effective again. Your trusted roofer will never suggest an extensive makeover or replacement unless it is necessary, so always heed their advice and don’t delay if repairs are required. Putting off repairs can quickly lead to a much bigger, more costly problem further down the line, so spending out to prevent more damage and expensive is the most logical course of action.

Ask An Expert: Todd Miller

Todd Miller, roofing expertTodd Miller is President of Isaiah Industries, an organization that is recognized as one of the world’s leading metal roofing manufacturers, and manufacturer of Classic Metal Roofing Systems.

Todd has over 30 years of experience in residential metal roofing and is internationally recognized as a roofing and ventilation expert. Passionate about using his experience to help homeowners make the best roofing decision for them, he can help you navigate the issues encountered in roofing or reroofing your home or commercial property.

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