Is It Time For A New Roof?

June 12, 2019

Metal roofing that looks like Terracotta tile roofing

Your roof doesn’t necessarily need to be on the verge of collapse before you consider replacing it, many times a roof will simply reach the end of its natural lifespan and begin looking tired and worn. Patching up an aging roof can quickly lead to more problems further down the line, and homeowners often find themselves having to spend more money than they had budgeted for. 

There are usually at least one or two warning signs that your roof may need replacing rather than fixing, and being vigilant can help prevent you from having to hastily replace an aging roof or spend out on costly repairs designed as a quick fix solution.

Here are some common indicators that your roof needs to be replaced:

  • The edges of the shingle have begun to curl upwards or are cupped
  • There are bald spots beginning to appear where granules have gone missing
  • The shingles are cracked
  • If your roof is 20 years old or more, then it’s highly likely that upon closer inspection, you’ll find multiple age-related issues with the shingles. Modern shingles are designed with durability in mind, but 20 years ago that was not always the case. A roof without adequate ventilation, for example, can lead to damaged shingles.
  • Your roof simply no longer looks at its best and is having a negative impact upon the overall look of your home.
  • If you live in a neighbourhood in which most of the houses were built at the same time, and your neighbours are getting their roofs replaced, then this would be a strong indicator that you might need to do the same. Weather conditions in your region could be causing the roofs to lose their lustre and become ineffective.
  • Dark streaks on your shingle, while not necessarily harmful to the roof, can begin to look unattractive and make you think about replacing your roof. Algae in the air usually cause these streaks, and while you can remove them with a 50:50 solution of water and bleach, this can cause problems if the protective granules are wiped off of the shingle in the cleaning process, not to mention the problems that the run-off can cause to the rest of your property.
  • Mossy patches. Roofs that don’t get much exposure to sunlight can quickly begin to see moss growing on the shingle, especially in the cooler, wetter months. Not only does moss on a roof look unsightly, but over time and in freezing conditions, the moisture held within the moss can cause irreparable damage to the granules on top of the shingles. While you may be able to brush some of the moss off, you’ll need to be extremely careful so as not to damage the shingle and preventing it from growing back is tricky.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons why it might be time to replace your roof, and while doing so will, of course, cost you money, that cost pales in comparison to the rising costs associated with continual repairs to your roof over the years.

Ask An Expert: Todd Miller

Todd Miller, roofing expertTodd Miller is President of Isaiah Industries, an organization that is recognized as one of the world’s leading metal roofing manufacturers, and manufacturer of Classic Metal Roofing Systems.

Todd has over 30 years of experience in residential metal roofing and is internationally recognized as a roofing and ventilation expert. Passionate about using his experience to help homeowners make the best roofing decision for them, he can help you navigate the issues encountered in roofing or reroofing your home or commercial property.

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